Sanidor supplies a complete range of medical bed, bathroom and kitchen textiles. With Sanidor you can choose customised products from:

- medical duvets : single and double duvets
- screen curtains : in various matching designs
- pillows : in any desired size
- sheets and pillowcases : matching the medical duvets
- bathroom textiles : trendy colours
- kitchen textiles : functional and matching

Medical duvets from Sanidor have all the characteristics that are required in hospitals and other care institutions. The products are of high quality, which means that they have the following functional characteristics:
- optimum hygiene and disinfectant effect
- boil washable and can be dried industrially
- outstanding durability
- highly insulating and fire resistant

The new Sanidor collection of medical duvets is also available via the better laundry/linen hire firms.

Here you will find our new collection of boil washable, fire-resistant fabrics. Moreover, Sanidor medical duvets and pillows are available in various grades of polyester cotton, satin woven, woven in matching colours or even printed. For more information contact our sales department and ask about the options.