About Sanidor

The care sector is constantly developing. The new care system is a reality and demand for care provision increases enormously as the population ages. These structural changes call for another approach regarding cost management, patient assessment, quality management and effectiveness. Suppliers are expected to be actively involved in this and to contribute solutions. In close collaboration with the medical sector, Sanidor has therefore developed a new generation of medical bed and bathroom textiles.

Sanidor offers a wide range of medical duvets, pillows with matching pillowcases, (screen) curtains, bathroom and kitchen textiles with ever-changing compositions, designs and colours. With this range the hospital or care room can undergo a total metamorphosis easily and with little effort so as to create a pleasant and comfortable room in which to stay. Pleasant for both the patient and the nursing staff.

The new generation of Sanidor medical duvets is available with two different kinds of filling. Besides the well-known thermally attached TRFR filling, the unique new Trevira Fill Bioactive filling is now also available. Our medical duvets are distinguished by eleven different designs, each of which is available in four shades, complemented with four matching plain colours.

Sanidor Health Care Bedding
Besides Sanidor’s medical duvets which are purchased mainly by hospitals, nursing homes and laundries, Sanidor has developed a new line of duvets especially for the home. This Sanidor Health Care Bedding collection consists of single and 4-season duvets, pillows and mattress covers.